History & Mission

Westminster Tree Trust was founded in 1982 as a charity dedicated to improving the environment in Westminster.

The Trust raises funds in a variety of ways and puts the money towards planting trees in Westminster. A regular annual planting programme helps keep Westminster as one of the greenest and most beautiful areas in London.

The work of Westminster Tree Trust covers the whole of the City of Westminster – comprising much of the central area of London, including most of the West End, as well as wards north of Oxford Street, such as Church Street, Harrow Road and Queen’s Park.

The Trust is particularly keen to provide trees in the less affluent parts of Westminster.

The Trustees work together to ensure that the pleasure we derive from the trees of our forebears is passed on and enhanced, for the enjoyment of succeeding generations – not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because of the vital part trees play in improving air quality, providing shade to pedestrians and reducing street noise, especially that of traffic.

Trees can be sponsored by individuals, residents’ associations, amenity groups, businesses or indeed any group of well wishers. And if a sponsor would like a commemorative plaque next to a tree, that can also be arranged. In recent years the Trust has received a number of generous donations from commercial organisations as part of their CSRs (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Sites are found and investigated by experts from Westminster City Council, whom The Trust commissions to carry out planting and maintenance of the trees.

The Trustees themselves help in the process by searching around Westminster for suitable sites and consider all applications for plantings. Such sites include housing estates, schools, residential and commercial streets, etc. Suggestions for plantings are always welcome.

Friends of the Trust are regularly invited to fund raising events organised to help finance the work. All money raised goes directly to plantings, because the work of the Trustees is entirely voluntary.