How It Works

To help potential sponsors and friends to suggest suitable tree planting sites, Westminster Tree Trust interviewed Paul Akers, Arboricultural Manager of Westminster City Council.


How can we know if the site is suitable?

The proposed site is examined by the Aboricultural Management Team of the City Council to determine the site potential.

What are the aspects to consider?

The underground conditions – are there any pipes, drainage, or tunnels or buildings within the range of the root growth? What are the above ground conditions – are there other trees in the vicinity? Is there sufficient light and shade? What other street furniture is there and how close are nearby buildings?

What happens next?

A report is made and approved by Westminster City Council. The specialist tree section goes and checks the site to make sure it is well prepared before the planting date is set and a specially selected tree ordered from the nursery.

Who plants the trees and maintains them?

Westminster City Council. There is sometimes a ceremonial planting by either a representative of the community or a celebrity. All maintenance is covered by the Council’s specialist contractors. In addition we hope the community will help to keep an eye on trees, water them and report any defects.

Who is eligible for tree plantings?

Any individual, organisation or business in Westminster can apply to Westminster Tree Trust.

By planting a tree you foster a sense of community, help the environment and improve the quality of life for people living, working or visiting Westminster.

A tree planting location can be within the eight and one third square miles of the City of Westminster on public or private land, public land – in a street location; private land – linked to the involvement of a sponsor.